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RSADLL manual

The RSA algorithm was invented in 1978 by Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir, and Leonard Adleman. It is a public and private key cipher. The component includes an example of a public and private key, the seperate RSADLLKeyMaker component is required for creating valid keys. The component is limited to 40bit encryption.
RSA.DeCrypt(Inp As String,d As Long,n As Long)
Returns a string with the decrypted value.
RSA.Encrypt(Inp As String,e As Long,n As Long)
Returns a string with the encrypted value.
No properties.
Below is a demonstration of using the RSADLL component, using the RSADLLKeyGenerator component.
Dim RSA,RSAKeyGen,encryptedData,decryptedData
Dim e,d,n
Dim plaintext

Set RSA = Server.CreateObject("RSADLL.Crypt")
Set RSAKeyGen = Server.CreateObject("RSADLL.RSAKeyGen")
plaintext = "Good morning world"


encryptedData = RSA.Encrypt(plaintext,RSAKeyGen.e,RSAKeyGen.n)
decryptedData = RSA.DeCrypt(encryptedData,RSAKeyGen.d,RSAKeyGen.n)

Response.Write "Encrypting " & plaintext & "<BR>"
Response.Write "Encrypted: " & encryptedData & "<BR>"
Response.Write "Decrypted: " & decryptedData

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